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Science, Astronomy, & Physics / Re: Latest Jupiter Images
« Last post by Psk on June 29, 2017, 07:25:10 am »
Science, Astronomy, & Physics / Re: Latest Jupiter Images
« Last post by Psk on June 29, 2017, 07:24:25 am »
Science, Astronomy, & Physics / Re: Latest Jupiter Images
« Last post by Psk on June 29, 2017, 07:23:49 am »
Science, Astronomy, & Physics / Re: Latest Jupiter Images
« Last post by Psk on June 29, 2017, 07:22:50 am »
Science, Astronomy, & Physics / Latest Jupiter Images
« Last post by Psk on June 29, 2017, 07:21:27 am »
I found the latest images of Jupiter. You can see bigger images at the NASA site, but you won't find sharper clearer ones than these that I enhanced myself. Because they are sharper, they're also zoom-able without losing too much sharpness. Just zoom the image or our whole page to make it a little bigger.
Pets, animals & nature / Oldest Living Things Are 5,000-80,000 Years Old
« Last post by Psk on June 15, 2017, 04:41:25 pm »
A Sweet Chestnut tree in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, is 300 years old.

A well-known way of measuring the age of a tree is by counting the rings in its trunk: one ring per year of growth. The problem with that is, counting rings normally involves cutting down the tree.

Arboriculturalists get around this by using an increment borer, a drill that allows them to take out a core, and count the rings without fatally damaging the tree. But in the 1960s, one scientist's drill broke off inside the bristlecone pine tree he was sampling. The kit is expensive, so to recover his lost tool, a they cut cut down the tree. Once felled, the tree could be easily aged, and was found to be 5000 years old.

They've found a sacred fig tree in Sri Lanka that is at least 2,222 years old.

There's a Patagonian cypress tree in Chile which, at 3,627 years old, is as old as Stonehenge.

A Great Basin bristlecone pine in California's White Mountains is 4,850 years old. But the oldest tree is an unnamed bristlecone pine from the same location, has a core suggesting it is 5,067 years old. That has lived through the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. It was already growing when the Ancient Egyptians started building pyramids.

In Fishlake National Park in Utah in the US lives a Quaking Aspen tree that most people would struggle to see as "a tree".

It's a clonal tree called "Pando", from the Latin meaning "I spread", and for good reason.

It is so large that it is easy to mistake for a forest. However, Pando, despite being the size of Vatican City, has all sprung from one seed, and, over the years, has grown a single vast rootstock supporting an estimated 50,000 tree trunks. It's more like a giant bush than a tree. Estimating how old it is, is problematic, says geneticist Prof Karen Mock from Utah State University, who works on the aspen.

"There have been all kinds of different estimates but the original tree is almost certainly not there,"

Clonal trees grow in all directions and regenerate themselves as they go. This means taking a core from a trunk will not give you the age of the whole tree.

Scientists try to get around this problem by equating size to age. It's an inaccurate process and Pando's estimated age ranges from a few thousand to 80,000 years old.
Science, Astronomy, & Physics / Gold Rush in Space
« Last post by Psk on May 23, 2017, 10:49:56 pm »
In March, Goldman Sachs announced to investors that a single asteroid containing $25 billion to $50 billion of platinum could be mined by a spacecraft costing only $2.6 billion.

In April, NASA selected Trans Astronautica Corp., for $3.25 million in technology study grants. Among TransAstra’s NASA-approved projects: an asteroid-hunting telescope whose stated mission is “to start a gold rush in space & search for other precious metals.”

Goldman Sachs has claimed mining asteroids for precious metals is a “realistic” goal.

It is believed an asteroid the size of a football field could be worth up to $30 billion.

However, bringing that much platinum back to Earth is likely to crash the precious metal market - and probably the rest of the economy with it.

Earlier this year, NASA said it was planning a mission to an asteroid worth $10,000 quadrillion, according to Lindy Elkins-Tanton, lead scientist on the mission.

It is called 16 Psyche and is a massive hunk of the iron and nickel with some precious metals mixed in.

The mysterious "metal world" was formed during the turbulent birth of our solar system.

CHINA plans to build a base on an asteroid and begin mining billions or even trillions of dollars worth of precious metals.

A top Chinese scientist revealed plans to land an unmanned craft on a space rock, potentially putting Beijing’s asteroid miners in direct competition with American space prospectors.

The asteroid will then be mined or even used to piggyback probes into deep space.

Ye Peijian, a deep-space exploration expert at the China Academy of Space Technology, told an asteroid exploration forum that 900 space rocks zoom past Earth every year.

Many of these priceless asteroids contain vast amounts of metals such as platinum, iridium or rhodium.

“In the near future, we will study ways to send robots or astronauts to mine suitable asteroids and transport the resources back to Earth,” he said.

“In the long term, we will consider using resources from asteroids to build facilities in space or to provide materials to support interstellar travel.”

The asteroids could also be used on deep space missions and serve as “bases for interstellar exploration”.

The Chinese scientist suggested an unmanned probe could hitch a ride on the asteroid and then travel off into deep space, which would drastically cut down on the amount of fuel needed to power the probe.

Pets, animals & nature / Planet tears -- Collapsing glaciers
« Last post by Psk on February 22, 2017, 09:31:11 pm »
The largest glacial collapses ever recorded live. Awesome! Glaciers well over the size of Manhattan, & ice blocks over 600 feet tall rising out of the ocean. This is in 2 parts -- enhanced, & super enhanced with color boost in slow motion.

Since the year 2000, we've lost more global ice than in the past 100 years!

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

The more fresh water ice that falls into the ocean, it reduces the ocean's saltiness. Salty oceans absorb heat & spread it around the world. If the oceans are less salty because of glacial ice falling into it & melting, it will slow or stop ocean currents. Most of the UK, N. Europe, Canada, & NW America will eventually turn into an arctic wasteland like Siberia.

Short term global warming seems like a good idea, & big oil want maximum profits now.

Long term, the weather can become so unstable we can't feed anybody or survive to old age because we're breathing bad air. As less plants can grow, we will have less O2 to breathe. Plants are our ONLY source of Oxygen on the planet!

But the billionaires think they can survive anything, & let anybody die. 8 billinaires have more wealth than half the world. You can bet to get that high up, they don't care about you, me, or the planet. Whatever happens they'll still survive & do whatever they want to. It's like an addiction when you're worth that much.

They have their own world, & can pay into other worlds --- even beyond the "top secret" & forbidden to to rest of us. To be in the top 1% means you rule the world & beyond what the rest of us even would know or imagine about.
Paranormal, Aliens, & UFOs / Re: Astronauts, scientists, & military speak about UFOs
« Last post by Psk on February 16, 2017, 05:14:36 am »
General Stubblebine - “There are structures on the surface of Mars. I will tell you for the record that there are structures underneath the surface of Mars that cannot be seen by the Voyager cameras that went by in 1976. I will also tell you that there are machines on the surface of Mars and there are machines under the surface of Mars. You can find out in detail, you can see what they are, where they are, who they are and a lot of detail about them.”
Paranormal, Aliens, & UFOs / Re: Astronauts, scientists, & military speak about UFOs
« Last post by Psk on February 16, 2017, 03:52:34 am »
Q: Gen. Clark, when you were running for President, you said you thought mankind would one day fly faster than light and visit the stars. My question is, when you were in the military were you ever briefed on the subject of U.F.O.s?

At this point Clark looked down for a moment and shook his head, perhaps somewhat chagrined at being put on the spot or thinking how he should respond, but then looked at me and answered:

A: I heard a bit. In fact, I'm going to be in Roswell, New Mexico tonight.

Q: So you were briefed?

A: There are things going on. But we will have to work out our own mathematics.

In interpreting Clark's remarks, we have to realize that he was speaking in Washingtonian code on a touchy subject.

A similar situation happened when Grant Cameron managed to ask Vice President Dick Cheney the UFO briefing question on the Diane Rehm PBS radio program, April 11, 2001. 

Cheney had been a Senator and also  Sec. of Defense under Pres. George Bush Sr. before becoming Vice President.

Cameron asked Cheney whether he had ever been briefed about UFOs when he was in the government.  To this Cheney replied, "Well, if I had been briefed on it, I'm sure it was probably classified and I couldn't talk about it."


When General Nathan Twining was nearing death, in bed, he confessed the validity of the “The Roswell Incident” and that it indeed was a crash of an extraterrestrial vehicle involving 3 aliens, one who survived the mishap.

He said that there had indeed been UFO wreckage, with three beings, one of whom was still alive and had therefore been taken to the laboratories at the Roswell top-security centre. ET “wanted no contact with us.” he said.

There, he had recovered and lived for fifteen years. General Twining described him as very intelligent, and said that as time passed they had somehow managed to communicate and he had come to consider this person as a friend.

In a formerly classified (and infamous) letter to Air Force General George Schulgen (known as the “Twining Memo”-1947?) Twining writes to the General that the flying disc phenomenon reported “is something real and not visionary or fictitious.”


Charles Brandon (formerly of the CIA) - “I also absolutely know as I sit here talking to you that there was a craft from beyond this world that crashed at Roswell, that the military picked up remains of not just the wreckage, but cadavers.”

Brandon claimed he had the rare opportunity to look inside a box labelled “Roswell” containing “materials... papers... & other items” but stressed that he “cannot, will not, under any imaginable set of circumstances tell you what I saw in there specifically,” with the implication being that to reveal more specific details would be a breach of national security.

Brandon stated unequivocally: “100 percent, guaranteed... Roswell happened. There was a craft, absolutely cadavers,”

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